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Stuff I Have Written:

Short Stories:
One Day At the Mall:
    I wrote this one in high school, obviously. Very hip and anti-trendy. Whatever. People say it's good.
The Cold Shoulder (or Wrist):
    One of the stories I'm most proud of. I'd tell you about it, but I'd give away the surprise ending.
So What Is Up With the Penguin, Anyway?:
    Still my favorite out of everything I've written. Never before or since have I gotten up to this level of weirdness; I've gotten close, but not close enough. ****temporarily down****
No Reality:
    I consider this to be the direct ancestor of the previous story. I've gotten similar amounts of questions as to what I was o when I wrote both... ****temporarily down****
    Just funny... and weird. Funny and weird. ****temporarily down****
Used Car:
    A little horror story I wrote. Nothing great. Not bad, though. ****temporarily down****
The Thing From the Woods:
    Description from previous story also applies. ****temporarily down****
    There is no describing this one. ****temporarily down****

It Rises:
    This is a poem that's meant to be performed, really. It's still good, though. ****temporarily down****
An Average Weekday Afternoon:
    Hooray for angst poetry. Whatever. ****temporarily down****
Buy Things You Don't Need:
    Me being preachy. Sorry. ****temporarily down****
Yellow Skylight on a Cold Day:
    I can't even begin to explain it. ****temporarily down****
What I Saw on the Side of the Road Last Tuesday:
    Exactly what it sounds like.
Be Your OwnPerson:
    How preachy can I be? At least this time I use irony. Enough irony to choke a horse.

Out the Window
Shot Through the Foot, and You're to Blame:
    I have a special spot in my heart for these two very very short one-acts. Mainly because I actually got people to perform them once. I should do more of these.
Luv Stories:
    A play I began writing but haven't finished yet. I'm up to the third act (of five), but I don't have most of what I've written with me, so I can only put up Act I for now.
    Act I

The Book of Cheryl
If you haven't read this yet, there is something very wrong with you, and all the cool people are laughing at you. Read it now and instantly become cool.

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