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"What I Saw on the Side of the Road Last Tuesday"

A big rotting
Possum carcass
Lies on the side of the road.
It had no quarrel with the car
That hit it.
It only lived
Like a possum.
Now it lies
Like a slain soldier,
Until it is scraped of the ground
And thrown into a bag
Like so much refuse.
A shameful waste of life.

A bottle of Smirnoff,
Probably all at once,
Sits on the grass.
Thrown from the window of a car
Onto the cold street.
It remains intact,
Being a "New, Unbreakable Bottle"
Why was it in the car in the first place?

Dead leaves,
Soda cans,
Beer bottles,
Beer cans,
Soda bottles,
Fast food containers,
Torn up shoes,
Unidentifiable articles of clothing,
And legions of other multifarious things,
Call this their final home.