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Everybody's got a story to tell.

Two serial stories, with new chapters to be added demi-weekly.*

Life on the Brink of an Inconceivable Void
The lives of a revolving cast of characters in modern times. Love, angst, hate, despair, violence, meaninglessness, cynicism, vitriol, confusion, hallucination, sarcasm, humor, talking fowl... everything you can expect from a Ryan Edward McCall story**, but bigger and longer.

The Book of Cheryl
A young, pretty thief on the run from her latest victim: the corrupt king of a powerful nation. Cheryl, our anti-heroine, runs through a fantasy world of magic, monsters, warriors, and surprises.***

All content is © 2000 Ryan Edward McCall.

*By "demi-weekly", I mean that I am completely unable to function under a strict time-schedule, so the stories will hopefully be updated every week. If not, oh well, shit happens.

**If I get bugged enough about it, I might put up some of my short stories so you can see what I mean. To bug me, send email at:

*** Yeah, I know it's a lame description, but I can't come up with anything else. What do you want from me?