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Guide To Banging Your Head Into A Wall
A piece of gaming humor, by Ryan Edward McCall.

    Banging your head into a wall. What more important act could there be?

    Here is the first ever complete (mostly) rules for banging your head into a wall, created for a certain game system which we are not currently allowed to refer to by name in reference to this document. Let's just say it could perhaps be related to the system used by certain other products of ours, such as the Gresth campaign setting. This document is, of course, by no means finished with. Expect to see newer versions posted, with new rules, new text, and julienne fries.* Hell, it may even get playtested at some point.

    Comments and suggestions may be sent to Ryan Edward McCall at

    Click here to download version 1.0 (RTF)

*Julienne fries not necessarily included.